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Kenyan fashion blogger, Stefani Roma, our new favourite fashionista offering a taste of her ultra-stylish, jet setting lifestyle on her Pendaroma blog, is back on our blog this week. Last week we discussed her style musings and fashion hacks (read part one of the interview here), and this week we’re talking about the more serious side of fashion. PENDAROMA ON AFRICAN FASHION AND BLOGGING… “Once I took over my mother’s clothing brand, La Elegant, I had to get more involved in the fashion world. Blogging allowed me to express my personal style and give me inspiration for a lot of the pieces we have at La Elegant.”

Pendaroma style looks

When you’re not shooting for your blog or working for your brand, La Elegant, what do you do in your free time? That’s a hard one because it seems like that’s all I do sometimes, haha, but I love to just relax, listen to music and chill out. Do you have any favourite Kenyan bloggers or celebrities? At present I love Nhlanhla Nciza from Mafikizolo, I have a huge style crush on her! She reminds me so much of Janelle Monae with her bold unique style. I wish I could pull off some of the amazing African prints and style choices Nhlanhla pulls off, but she is simply perfection when it comes to her African style sense. If there is any blog I love in Kenya right now it would be 2ManySiblings, I absolutely love this brother/ sister combo. They are so unique in their afro-fusion style and I love how different they are. (Below left, singer Nhlanhla Nciza and right, blogging duo 2ManySiblings.)

Pendarom style favourites

How important do you feel it is to keep and grow fashion production in Kenya? It is extremely important! I noticed how neglected affordable, high-quality fashion is in Kenya and considering how fashion forward Kenyan women are, it forces a lot of people to have to shop overseas, which again doesn't support the Kenyan economy. Using my brand La Elegant, I am trying to expand and give Kenyan women the option of getting beautiful affordable pieces without having to travel and buy designs overseas. Can small brands make a positive contribution to the local Kenyan community? Absolutely! That’s the reason why I love the Maasai Colour brand. The modern twist of the bags is refreshing and enables your everyday woman to wear their daily clothing with an African piece, which is normally hard to do! In addition to beautiful design, smaller artisan businesses promote our African culture and local industry. There are simply only positives from the way that Maasai Colour contributes to the local community. Which is your favourite bag from the Maasai Colour Collection? I love the red Mara bag. I literally take it everywhere, and weirdly enough it goes with 98% of what I wear daily, so it’s extremely practical as well as big enough to carry all the junk I tend to put into my handbags.

Pendaroma and Maasai Colour

Finally what are your goals and dreams for the future? Simply to keep growing the Pendaroma and La Elegant brand and just provide a service to your everyday Kenyan woman. If you didn't read part one of our interview with Pendaroma then find out her style tips and thoughts on African fashion here. Stay in touch with Stefani via her Instagram and follow us on our social pages to keep up-to-date with the latest Maasai Colour news and style collaborations.

November 04, 2015 by Peter Hansell

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