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All our products are handmade by our team of talented artisans in our Nairobi workshop using only the best of locally sourced materials. Take a minute to meet the team behind your beautiful new bag...



Hi I'm Calistas. I'm a Preparer and Beader at Maasai Colour. My favourite thing about working here is feeling proud of the beautiful products we make and the management style. In my spare time I love to watch movies with my family. My favourite movie is the "Blue mountain State".



Hi I'm Jeniffer. I'm the head beader at Maasai Colour. My favourite thing about the brand is working like a family. My favourite style of a bag is the Serengeti.  In my spare time I love going on road trips and going out to eat Nyama choma "roast beef".



Hi I'm Martin. I'm the Head Tailor at Maasai Colour. I'm in charge of making sure that every bag we make is perfect before it leaves our workshop, it's a real team effort to produce such high quality products. My favourite style of a bag is the Serengeti even though it is complex to make. I love to watch and play football, my team is Manchester United.



Hello. I'm Mary. I'm in charge of Maasai Colour in Nairobi. I'm very proud of having seen Maasai Colour grow from day one, continuously improving in quality, growing the team, and expanding the collection over about 2 years. I look forward to many more years with Maasai Colour. My favourite pieces are the Bangili Clutch  and the Sarafu Purse. I have been carrying these from the day the products were launched and it is an excellent set to have. In my spare time, I love hanging out with family and friends.



Hi, I’m Pete, co-founder of Maasai Colour. Creating this business means I get to work with a fantastic team and spend time in Kenya which is a country I love. The only problem with having started a handbag brand is that I can’t get away with any of our styles right now but I'm looking forward to the men’s range! In my spare time I love to cycle, travel or spend time round a barbecue with friends.


Hi, my name's Simon, I’m one of the founders of Maasai Colour. I love this company because we get make a difference to peoples lives and share the unique style of Kenya with the rest of the world. My favourite Maasai Colour product is the Safari Pendeza Bag because I love the natural khaki green and the contrasting black and gold bead design. In my spare time you'll probably find me outdoor swimming, playing tennis or exploring London.



 Hi I'm Veronica. I'm in charge of sourcing at Maasai Colour. My favourite thing about the brand is the creativity in our products and the fun that we have whilst we work. My favourite style of a bag is the Savannah. In my spare time I love to watch movies. My favourite movie is "The Passion"