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Men's Bullish Leather Belt - Orange

£60.00 £45.00



It's a subtle thing the belt... at once essential and a statement accessory.

A belt says a lot about a man and there are endless options. Everything from the tattered 'My first girlfriend bought me this and I can't let it go' belt to the shiny 'I spent my month's wages on this so you better notice it' belt.

Our range of Bullish leather belts are beautifully made - using 2 layers of premium Kenyan leather with a flash of bright Kikoi neatly secured inside. Our buckles are solid brass and have that weighty feel that is getting hard to find but denotes great quality.

This, we like to think, is more of a 'I'm enjoying my colourful life' kind of belt for those who are happy to stand out from the crowd.

Also available with silver stainless steel buckle, add a note to your order.

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