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Tsavo Black Tote Bag


Designed to transcend seasons, the timeless Tsavo black tote bag has been carefully handcrafted by our small team of expert artisans in Nairobi. Named after the jet black Shetani lava flow that cuts across the Tsavo national parks, the all black tote bag design features leather handles and glassy black beads, beautifully offset by the signature gold shield. The body is made from the naturally dyed, eco-friendly material jute. Inside you will find a soft black cotton lining containing three pockets, all trimmed with beautiful leather detailing. This modern and functional design will add a chic statement to any outfit.

Each design in our Pendeza tote bag range is the product of careful craftsmanship and the attention to detail which Maasai Colour is known for. Each Tsavo black tote bag has over 2000 individual beads, each carefully locked into position with 700 hand stitches.

We are regularly asked why we go to these great lengths? It's simple really. We create beautiful bags which will be owned and loved for 10 years rather than 10 products which fall apart. It's the Maasai Colour way and our customers tell us it's the right way.

Dimensions: Width 42cm, Height 32cm, Depth 15cm

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